made by beer geeks for beer geeks

Mugishu-Tei, which translates to " Beer-Joint" in Japanese,  is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year of being the hub for beer geeks around the world. Since its humble beginning in 1980, Mugishu-Tei has become an internationally celebrated beer bar that is home to over 300 bottled beers, 6 taps, and over 50 types of carefully selected tequilas. Throughout the years, the bar has become the place in town that brings different generations together over a tasty beer, the most casual social lubricant of them all. 

A wide selection of over 300 beers.


We pride our-selves in converting non-beer drinkers into " biiru " lovers. With over 300 different types of beers, we're positive there's something in our selection for you. Let our friendly staff help you explore all corners of our vast fridge.



Phred likes his tequila too. 50 different tequilas, all with noticeably unique characteristics. Sip, close your eyes, and let out the "ahhhh". No grim faces to be found here.

Darts and foosball

For those of you who are self proclaimed bar-sport-olympians.